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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Dec 16, 2010

Ok, you know me by now.  I often listen to the radio Sunday Mornings, and this time I was listening to Dr. (sic) David Jeremiah...  Who sent out advice about what to say to God at Judgement seat...  And the advice was so bad that I totally retasked the show to address this.  See, it's one thing to get the Gospel wrong and leave your congregation to wonder to themselves about what to do, but it's another thing entirely to give them what to say to God...  WHEN IT MOST COUNTS...  and get that SO wrong that you're sure to hear the Claxons go off and the price is Right "awww" must play just before the Angels chuck you into the Lake of fire.

"BZZZZZZZZZ"...  Wrong guess there dude.  No Consolation prize.