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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Oct 25, 2012

Why do Christians Worship on Sunday instead of the Sabbath?  You'd be surprised, but there is still discussion on this topic after 2000 years.  We talk about the what and the so what, and we also talk about Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban because she wants to go to school.



Oct 18, 2012

In the 16th Century Pope Leo X wanted to build a Basilica to house the bones of the Apostles, but to do so he needed money, and lots of it.  So, this Roman Pope hit upon a plan to sell indulgences, or get out of purgatory free certificates, to fund this project.

Why does this matter?  After all, it's ancient...

Oct 11, 2012

"There is nothing more dangerous than an isolated individual with a Bible".  ~ Pastor William Cwirla - The God Whisperers

A listener sent us a message asking about a conversation we had in the show titled "Rage Be Unto You", that got us to talking about how there are so many Christians basically making up their...

Oct 4, 2012

Are you ready for Radical Law Radio?  For a good segment of the back half of this show we took one commandment.  Just one.  And Pastor Gary, in his usual gregarious way, describes all the way in which people break this commandment.  Turns out there are lots of them.  I mean a lot. 

That and a jab or two at 'greasy...