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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Apr 26, 2012

So the person you're witnessing to doesn't believe in God or Hell.  What do you do?  You could try to make him feel guilty under the law, but he doesn't believe in any of that.  Now what?  On Radical Grace Radio we talk about what you could do besides just give up.


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Apr 19, 2012

The most common way of evangelizing these days is to ask this question of people:  If you were to die tonight, where would spend eternity.  In this show we submit to you that this is categorically the wrong method of persuasion.  In fact, I personally think that the approach of asking "where will you spend eternity"...

Apr 12, 2012

Do those words bore you?  "He is Risen!"  I was reading an article that was Newsweek Magazine and in the Huffington Post where the Author (More about him next week) keeps referring to Jesus as though he's not around anymore.  "He was" and "If he were here"...  even though this guy swears he believes in Jesus' divinity...

Apr 5, 2012

Jesus' Triumphal Entry.  Lots of good stuff and again stressing an emphasis this Easter season on Jesus and what he has done for all humanity.  Behold!  You King arrives! 

Also, a lot of churches are shifting emphasis on the traditional Palm Sunday from the triumphal entry to Jesus' Passion.  Good or bad?

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