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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Aug 13, 2017

An Eclipse with a shooting star and text

Solar eclipse recognized as U.S. harbinger of doom, embezzlement more likely to run in families, at least when we’re talking church families, President Trump receives divine authorization to take out North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, and the Radical Grace of God even has something to say about Judgment, today on Radical...

Aug 6, 2017

Ten Commandments returning because God’s Not Dead, Israeli excavation sheds more light on ancient Jerusalem, the  Vatican pulls the plug on 8 Baghdad Catholic churches, and we’re giving you even more reasons to worship God today on Radical Grace...

Jul 30, 2017


Metal detector crisis averted in Israel, Atheist calls out radio stations for treating Islam better than Christianity, West Virginia pastor targeted for more than just rainbows, and we’re helping you find more excitement in your worship here on Radical Grace Radio...

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Jul 23, 2017

Post-Christian U.S. cities get ranked by Barna, Mark Driscoll draws attention to himself as he battles his attention-grabbing pride, LifeWay Christian books makes sure Eugene Peterson gets the message, and we’re offering our two cents on what I like to call the Lutheran Charmin controversy on RGR

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Jul 16, 2017

Facebook draws comparisons between itself and the church, While West Virginia pastor complains about his own Facebook takedown. And Pope Francis tries his hand at draining the swamp, But we have our own swamps we’re busy draining here at Radical Grace Radio.

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