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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Sep 17, 2017

Santa Fe Archdiocese opens up about child sexual abuse, Mainline Protestants get some good news from a new report, Christian enneagrams are apparently a thing now, and we’re taking away what intend to give back today on Radical Grace Radio

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Sep 8, 2017

A pair of hands praying

President gets a DACA thumbs-down from religious leaders, Teresa of Calcutta gets a cathedral in her honor, Protestants get apathetic about what they used to protest, and we get serious about grace today on Radical Grace Radio.


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Sep 3, 2017

A basket of eggs with crosses on them suspended over a lava field

Friendly Atheist defends Osteen’s Lakewood Church, Tampa professor fired for tweeting Texas Trump voters got what they deserved, Jim Bakker hopes for civil war over impeachment rumbles, and we’re putting our eggs in one basket today on Radical...

Aug 27, 2017

Road sign points to an eclipse


New report ranks countries by blasphemy laws, Paula White proves the U.S. doesn’t have any blasphemy laws, Mystical Lutheran beads offer an excuse for blasphemy laws, and blasphemy laws are the least of our worries today on Radical Grace Radio.

Also, Pastor Matthew Harrison, President of the Lutheran...

Aug 20, 2017

World Wrestling Entertainment trademarks religious reference, Hillary Clinton considers becoming a religious reverend, Russia bans missionary activity due to religious rivalry, and we do some religious reverse-engineering today on RGR.

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