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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Jan 21, 2018


I Often wonder...  If there's a Sith Lord in Popular Christianity, would it be Kenneth Copeland? Or Joel Osteen? Was Kenneth Hagen Darth Plegius the Wise? Either way, Word/Faith needs to die, don't you agree? Today, we show how Word/Faith is a failed system, and how it fails you.


Spiritism runs amuck at...

Jan 14, 2018

Today we discuss Paula White's Doctrine of Reciprocity...  Wait, sorry, she doesn't have one. With Paula White you can pretty much handwave everything away with a generous First Fruits donation to her church and magic declarations in the name of Jesus.


Florida congresswoman wants more Holy Spirit in court,...

Jan 7, 2018

The Christ root of Christ is Grace to the infinite power

There's a way in which the Grace of God is all or nothing, in pretty much the same way Jesus' work on the Cross is all or nothing. We call this nature of Grace 'radical' it's at the very root of the problem. You have nothing else, at all.

Mormon President passes at age 90, Mennonites split over same sex marriage,...