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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Oct 15, 2017

DaVinci’s Christ to go up on Christie's auction block, gay-owned coffee house refuses service to pro-life patrons, prayer beats out Facebook for those grappling with life’s decisions, and we have something we need to confess today on Radical Grace Radio


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Oct 8, 2017

Parody Weather forecast for the End of the World

Satan fans angling for some Christian-baked cakes, Christ coin launches as a new crypto-currency, Tullian Tchividjian gets some Gospel grace among Florida Lutherans, and we’ve got a religious accu-weather forecast today on Radical Grace...

Oct 1, 2017

Catholic watch dogs try taking a bite out of Pope Francis, tithing leading to jail time for some North Carolina church members, End of the World tailgate party cancelled, and your tickets are non-refundable, and we’re on a mission to goodbye depression today on End Times To…, er Radical Grace Radio


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