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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Dec 27, 2013

This Week on Radical Grace Radio, Is the Duck Dynasty Controversy real? Or was it a clever marketing ploy? Also, the failure that is modern American Christianity and the solution to it that's hidden in Christmas.


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Dec 20, 2013

So Families show up on Christmas, bringing with them their old squabbles and anger, to a Holiday bereft of meaning other than getting together to eat, fight, and play scrabble. That's what the American Atheists Group wants you to do. Celebrate a Holiday that has absolutely no Christ in it. No meaning. No point other...

Dec 13, 2013

People with tender consciences need hope. This Christmas Season is supposed to be about hope, about an announcement that says, "for unto you is born this day in the City of David, a Savior. Tis Christ the Lord." But doesn't it seem a bit like this simple message of hope is getting lost?


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Dec 6, 2013

First, you take people engorged on turkey, which makes you sleepy. Then you let them go out and get drunk. Then you let them go and try to shop. And the crowds turn ugly. And for someone reason, no one could see this coming? It's all a ruse. Black Friday is a parody of Good Friday. The crowds surrounding Jesus...

Dec 2, 2013

As Advent approaches, I want to talk about the light of hope that enters the world in Jesus Christ. We all have to admit that if hope fades, our humanity fades along with it. If there is no Christ, there is not hope.


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