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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Mar 29, 2012

Bill Marallo is an Adoption Recruiter for Intervention Services here in Central Florida, and he joins Pastor Gary and I to talk about Adoption from a human point of view, then he stay to have his mind blown about the Biblical Concept of Adoption.

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Mar 22, 2012

Jeffrey Dahmer died in Christ.  A good portion of the church does not believe this.  And that's sad.  But God's grace is that disturbing.  Really, truly disturbing.  God's grace is for the wicked.  You.  Me.  Jeffrey Dahmer.  And Pastor Roy Ratcliff, who heard Dahmer's confession and baptised him...

Mar 15, 2012

Each and everyone one of us is guaranteed to experience the death of someone we love in our lifetimes.  You'd have to be a literal Scrooge who hated everyone to not be moved at the news of the death of a parent, a child, a friend...  In this edition of Radical Grace Radio we offer comfort from a surprising place in the...

Mar 8, 2012

On this edition of Radical Grace Radio we start off with, and never really get off of, the topic of the recent tornado touchdowns and the lives that have been touched by the devastation. What are Christians to think about all of this?  Is God angry at us and punishing us?  Again?


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Mar 1, 2012

On this edition of Radical Grace Radio we're joined by Dan Engle of both and to talk about our recent online colaboration on a hymn for his Timeout Podcast.  The hymn is Savior when in Dust to Thee, and we had a blast doing it.  Also for a limited time, if you donate to either...