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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Nov 15, 2012

So the elections are over, and Barack Obama won.  So what's a Christian to do?  Fret over the coming Gloom and Doom, that's what.  Or at least that's what the buzz has been ever since.  In fact, there's been such a loud call to repent from various corners of Christendom that you'd think God's about to go off on the United States for not voting Obama out.  But here's a game, if you will, consisting of some questions, and you have to answer them in order.

1.  What criteria would you use to show that the United States is under God's blessings or judgement?
2.  What means do you think God would use to dispense Blessings or Judgment?
3.  What behaviors, attitudes, policies or cultural trends result in either God's blessings or God's Judgment?

Answer me these questions 3!


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