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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Dec 15, 2008

Because this is the season of Advent, Pastor decided he wanted to take the hymn Comfort Comfort These My People and talk about the meaning behind the words. As many of you know, our opening bump music features this hymn and this is the focus of our ministry. We wound up talking about the Radical Grace Ministry of speaking to those who sit in darkness and speak to all Jerusalem. We also wound up talking about a mid nineteenth century concept of The Spirit of Diotrophes, this idea that we shouldn’t be causing division over such doctrines as who Jesus is and the like. This is an important discussion because we believe that this speaks to the heart of the tendency of Christians today to not want to talk about important doctrines because they believe the cause division and strife. Sometimes sound doctrine does cause division, but better that than someone living in idolatry.