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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Dec 21, 2010

On This edition of Radical Grace Radio, we Talk to Tyrel Bramwell about his new Book, the Gift and the Defender.  As a gift to our Listeners, Tyrel has set up a coupon for 50 percent off of any eBook version of the book, which would include text versions, the Kindel version, the Nook version...  pretty much any version you could imagine. 

We also read some of the responses we're getting about a question I posted on facebook and  "What are the minimum conditions a person must meet in order to be saved?"  We also Talk about a former Military Man who has been arrested for stalking members of Westboro Baptist Church.  Ryan Newell lost his legs in Afghanistan to an IED, and members of Westboro Baptist now plan to picket the Elizabeth Edwards funeral, as well as the police station that Newell was set free from last week.