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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Aug 11, 2011

The other day I heard on a Christian radio broadcast the folling statement.  "I has been said that when you don't pray to God, it's like you slapped him in the face".  Why it is that people think this is a helpful statement escapes me, but apparently "fundidgelicals" just love this sort of thing.  So now I not only have a problems with my prayer life, but I'm slapping God around each time I don't pray to him... 

So Pastor and I talk a bit about "the impassability of God", meaning that he doesn't need anything from us to get his work done.  And how the Christian life can be compared to standing on top of the 30 foot pole while worrying your going to fall off.

"God says of Jesus, "this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased"... So if the Father is pleased with Jesus, and we're in Christ, doesn't that mean that the Father is pleased with us?"


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