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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Sep 6, 2013

The Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark Texas recently had an outbreak of Measles. Yes, that's Measles, the disease we all get immunized for when we're kids, that one. The church in question is the same church that noted Word of Faith teacher Kenneth Copeland planted many moons ago. Now, the focus of our commentary isn't on the irony of the situation (an irony that we do recognize as tremendous), but rather on how Copeland and his church parrot many of the objections to vaccinations that parents of Autistic Children do these days. We recognized that this is a problem with rejecting the Gifts that God gives his entire creation (First Article Gifts), where regardless of whether someone is Christian or not, God gave us all Doctors who created Vaccines that prevent deadly childhood diseases.

On the back half of the hour we talked "real life Parables"...


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