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Radical Grace/The Lutheran Difference

Nov 18, 2009

First up?  2012!

Well, that this notion of an ancient prophesy from Mayan Culture has any bearing on...  Anything.  But what does matter is that atheists are trying to use the Bible and human reason to undermine Christian faith.  Take for instance, how atheists use Mark chapter 7 verses 24 and following to "prove" that Jesus is a mean guy.  What we learned in this program is that ELCA professors and pastors also use this text to try and prove that Jesus was a sinner!  So today, with Law and Gospel as our guide, we look closely at this text to find out what Jesus was really up to.

Here's a request to our listeners.  Do you have particular texts you find difficult to understand?  Or texts that seem to say that Salvation is by works rather than by faith?  If you do, give us buzz at, email us at, or call our listener comment line by going to the website and visiting our "contact us" page.